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About Me


Amir Rahdari is a sustainable and circular business leader from Iran. He has been active in sustainability space for more than five years both in business and academia. His focus is on the role of business in society, its responsibility towards stakeholders and its potentiality for the realization of the SDGs by the year 2030. He is the Founder of Global Sustainability Research Network (GSRN), Director of Sustainability Research Group (SRG) at USERN, Associate Editor at International Journal of Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility (IGI Global, US) and a Sustainability and Social Responsibility Certified Associate (SSRI, UK).

In academia, Amir has made several contributions to the fields of CSR, sustainability, and governance with implications for business community including synthesizing sustainability ratings and most common sustainability indicators, developing sustainability and CSR maturity models, theorizing Hyper-transparency, Sustainable Governance and Schumpeterian social entrepreneurship, examining Sustainability Reporting in HEIs and finding ways for businesses to pursue the SDGs that have been published by leading scholarly journals and international publishers. In 2016, he was appointed as a Science Sentinel in the field of management by publons.

In practice, he has developed over a dozen global/local sustainability tools for businesses to use and has consulted/collaborated with more than fifty international organizations across the globe. He is a CSR and Sustainable Business Consultant in Iran and the Middle East. In 2014, he was appointed as one of the young leaders in sustainable business by 2degress (UK). Currently, he is an advisor/consultant to more than a dozen international organizations.

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Partnerships Officer @UNICEF │#Innovation #CSR #CFCI

Director and Founder, Global Sustainability Research Network

Mar. 2017-Sep. 2018

The growing socio-economic problems alongside anthropogenic climate change and record loss of biodiversity have exacted a clarion call for transitioning to a more sustainable global trajectory. In response, the United Nations developed a set of global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to achieve socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable economic growth as the new global development agenda. Given that addressing global economic, social, and environmental challenges has become a matter of utmost urgency, a collaborative multidisciplinary effort for the furthering of the sustainable development agenda is required. Global Sustainability Research Network (GSRN) intends to contribute to sustainability education, research, and science by conducting academic studies and industry research. GSRN perceives sustainability as an interdisciplinary inquiry and highly values the systemic view of the global sustainability challenges. Focus areas include

Business and Society


Global Sustainability

Sustainable Development Goals

Senior Consultant, Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mining, and Agriculture


Corporate Governance and CSR Commission

Associate, Sustainability and Social Responsibility International


Researcher, Consultant, and Advisor on Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Sustainable Branding & Social Marketing, Corporate Governance, Social Enterprise, Social Entrepreneurship, SME Business Strategy, and Entrepreneurship.

Over two dozens of organizations and international consulting firms running the gamut from Management Consultancy, Advertising Agency and Marketing Firms, Research and Innovation Centres, and as well as Business Development, Incubator, and Accelerator Hubs.

Managing Director, Sustainability Research Group, USERN


SRG provides a platform for senior and junior scientists and researchers to tackle sustainability challenges in a collaborative and systemic fashion. SRG intends to contribute to the SDGs and global sustainability by increasing public awareness, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and conducting state-of-the-art research. In addition, SRG organizes theme-based research groups on several sub-fields of Sustainability (including Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility, Circular Economy, etc.). Finally, SRG functions as a hub for sustainability researchers and professionals and plan to increase public awareness through its communication channels.

"Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children." Native American Proverb



Young World Leader in Sustainable Business / Pioneering Sustainability and CSR Professional in Iran / Promoting Sustainability Research and Science

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Advancing Sustainability Science

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  • Sustainable Development: From Policy to Implementation
  • A Prelude to Circular Economy
  • Sustainable & Responsible Business Models
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Talks, Workshops and Seminars

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Corporate Social Responsibility
Sustainable Development
Circular Economy
Sustainability Ratings and Indicators
Climate Change
Sustainable Branding and Social Marketing
Corporate Governance

Global Sustainability

of Global wildlife populations have fallen by since 1970 (WWF)

of the Amazon rainforest has been lost since 1970

of share of fossil fuels in global energy demand in 2017

Business and the SDGs

of people know what the SDGs are (OECD, DevCom, 2017)

of companies are integrating the SDGs into business strategy (RB Trends, 2017)

of citizens believe that businesses should sign up to the SDGs (PWC)





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